June 21, Sunsetters Game

Short Games

1. Leave all pretenses at the door
2. Explore the boundaries
of whatever you encounter.
3. Boldly go where other people have tried,
but failed to go.
4. Excel at your profession.
5. Learn how to tell art from horseshit.
6. Make a permanent mark in your field.
7. Profess beauty as the savior
and sole hope of humanity.
8. File for bankruptcy.

June 20, Educational Game

Short Games

1. Carve your word into a large boulder.
2. Rock the boulder back and forth until it comes loose.
3. Roll the boulder in front of you wherever you go.
4. Make excuses for the noise.
5. Start wearing gloves.
6. Sleep next to the boulder.
7. Keep rolling the boulder around
until your word can no longer be read on it.
8. Put the boulder back where you found it.
9. Gain XP according to your gained level of experience.

June 18, Progress Game

Short Games
1. Open a window.
2. Put on some music.
3. Take off some of what you’re wearing.
4. Do some dishes or clean the floors.
5. Sing as loud as you want
(remember: it doesn’t have to be loud at all).
6. Lie down on a couch
or a mattress
or a mat
or the floor.
7. Close your eyes
and listen to your heart beat.
8. Allow yourself feel good about yourself.
9. REPEAT step 8 until you’re ready to move on.

June 16, Detective Game

Short Games

1. Talk to Satan,
but be nice.
2. Talk to God,
but don’t take any shit.
3. Talk to St. Peter,
and tell him I said hi.
4. Talk to the Pope,
but don’t be fooled.
5. Talk to Elvis,
and don’t move a muscle.
6. Add “basically everyone”
to your list of possible suspects.
7. Exit the hut,
wash yourself off,
get something to eat.
8. Follow the next lead.

June 15, Foresight Game

Short Games

1. Buy yourself a coffin within your price range.
2. Make a playlist that’s just so very “you”.
3. Wear some really nice clothes
and a big smile.
4. Go have your picture taken and printed.
5. Write a detailed and thoroughly worked-through will.
6. Write a book about death and dying.
7. Talk to your loved ones.
8. Sit around your house all day, every day.
9. Never die.

June 14, Reminder Game

Short Games

1. Go through your list of phone numbers.
2. Call your least favorite person in that list
at 3 am
on a Monday morning.
3. Using a vocoder, say:
4. Listen to them respond:
”Hello? Who is this?”
5. Say:
”What do you mean? It’s me. You called me.”
6. Hear them say:
”No… No, you called me. What the fuck do you want?”
7. Laugh:
”Oh, really? You called me in the middle of the night to do what? To argue about who called whom? Really? You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”
8. Hang up.
9. Mutter to yourself:
”Fucking prick.”
10. Raise your FAST TALK skill by 1-5 points.

June 12, Eccentric Game

Short Games

1. Walk around your home naked.
2. Bob your head back and forth.
3. Imitate the sound of a record skipping
right as James Brown goes ”Hey!”
4. Keep this up for a good eight or maybe nine hours.
5. Pay no attention to the incessant knocking
on your front door.
6. Sew your eyelids shut.
7. Turn on the stove.
8. Evade your neighbors
or landlord
or the police
by exiting through a window.
9. Score yourself based on whether or not you survive the fall.
10. HEY!