June 24, Basement Game

Short Games

1. Write the name of an acquaintance on a post-it.
2. REPEAT step 1 until exhausted.
3. Decorate your walls with spirals drawn in dirt, blood, or invisible ink.
4. Place the post-its randomly on a wall.
5. Draw arrows between some of the post-its.
6. Keep a fluorescent light on until it starts flickering.
7. Throw darts at some of the post-its.
8. Laugh to yourself and record it to play back later.
9. Score yourself based on whether or not you go on to become a serial killer.

January 15, Time Travel Game

Short Games

1. Draw a small amount of blood from your chest.
2. Keep it safe from bad spirits and worse weather.
3. Bring it to a place where you used to play as a child.
4. Pick one spot there to act as future and one to act as past.
5. Stand in silence between these spots for at least 20 minutes.
6. On the count of three, run back and forth between the two spots.
7. Every time you reach the past or the future, sprinkle some blood on it.
8. Tell the police it’s for an art project.