June 24, Basement Game

Short Games

1. Write the name of an acquaintance on a post-it.
2. REPEAT step 1 until exhausted.
3. Decorate your walls with spirals drawn in dirt, blood, or invisible ink.
4. Place the post-its randomly on a wall.
5. Draw arrows between some of the post-its.
6. Keep a fluorescent light on until it starts flickering.
7. Throw darts at some of the post-its.
8. Laugh to yourself and record it to play back later.
9. Score yourself based on whether or not you go on to become a serial killer.

March 30, Oppenheimer Game

Short Games

1. Roll your head back.
2. Relax your shoulders, slowly.
3. Open your hands and spread your fingers.
4. Open your eyes, wide. As wide as you can.
5. Stand there, slack-jawed, taking it all in.
6. Fill your lungs with as much air as possible.
7. Hold it and hold it and hold it.
8. Blow at the world
and watch it crumble
like so much dust
and shit
and spit
and dirt
and sand
and crystal.


9. Change relationship status to: ”real simple”.