June 24, Basement Game

Short Games

1. Write the name of an acquaintance on a post-it.
2. REPEAT step 1 until exhausted.
3. Decorate your walls with spirals drawn in dirt, blood, or invisible ink.
4. Place the post-its randomly on a wall.
5. Draw arrows between some of the post-its.
6. Keep a fluorescent light on until it starts flickering.
7. Throw darts at some of the post-its.
8. Laugh to yourself and record it to play back later.
9. Score yourself based on whether or not you go on to become a serial killer.

April 9, Arresting Game

Short Games

1. Freeze.
2. Keep your hands where I can see them
3. Get down on your knees.
4. Read me your rights (make them up as you go along).
5. Handcuff me and take away all my weapons.
6. Give me a ride to the central station.
7. Pretend you’re a convicted felon they let go
because they liked your smile.
8. Pretend I’m your shadow.
9. Shine a light in my face to make me go away.
10. Listen for further instructions
when you go to sleep.
I’ll make sure you get them despite yourself.

April 2, Cabinet Game

Short Games

1. Move the trash cans.
2. Move the cleaning products.
3. The brushes, towels, old newspapers, sponges, rags
— move them all out of the way.
4. Turn the lights off.
5. Stare at the cabinet

for the lo
ngest time.
6. Crawl inside.
7. Close the cabinet doors.
8. If no one calls you
or knocks on your front door
for at least three days,
you may leave the cabinet
and declare yourself the winner of the game.