June 18, Progress Game

Short Games
1. Open a window.
2. Put on some music.
3. Take off some of what you’re wearing.
4. Do some dishes or clean the floors.
5. Sing as loud as you want
(remember: it doesn’t have to be loud at all).
6. Lie down on a couch
or a mattress
or a mat
or the floor.
7. Close your eyes
and listen to your heart beat.
8. Allow yourself feel good about yourself.
9. REPEAT step 8 until you’re ready to move on.

June 14, Reminder Game

Short Games

1. Go through your list of phone numbers.
2. Call your least favorite person in that list
at 3 am
on a Monday morning.
3. Using a vocoder, say:
4. Listen to them respond:
”Hello? Who is this?”
5. Say:
”What do you mean? It’s me. You called me.”
6. Hear them say:
”No… No, you called me. What the fuck do you want?”
7. Laugh:
”Oh, really? You called me in the middle of the night to do what? To argue about who called whom? Really? You’re a real piece of work, you know that?”
8. Hang up.
9. Mutter to yourself:
”Fucking prick.”
10. Raise your FAST TALK skill by 1-5 points.

June 3, Boating Game

Short Games

1. Sit down.
2. Make sure no one else
is in the same room as you.
3. Make sure no one else
is in the next room either.
4. Make sure no one
is watching, listening,
or otherwise monitoring you.
5. Keep quiet in case someone is listening after all.
6. Keep quiet because you don’t care what people think anyway.
7. Keep quiet because you have nothing to say.
8. Keep quiet because fuck you.

May 31, SGFLP Game

Short Games

1. Strike a deal with yourself.
2. Don’t honor the deal you had with yourself.
3. Fret and worry,
but don’t honor the deal.
4. Complain and sweat,
but don’t honor the deal.
5. Get bored and exhausted,
so you think you don’t have to honor the deal.
6. Make plans for what will happen
once you’ve honored the deal,
but don’t honor the deal.
7. Write long texts about the deal,
but don’t write short texts to honor the deal.
8. Tell people you might not care
about whether or not you honor the deal.
9. Listen to the sound
of no one caring about whether or not
you honor a deal you had with yourself.
10. Try to honor the deal.

May 12, Blues Game

Short Games

1. Invite a stranger for hard liquor and fistfights.
2. Ask them whether or not they know the blues.
3. Fight and drink all night.
4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aalmost kiss.
5. Bleeding from mouth, eyebrow, and knuckles,
present them with a vintage steel-string guitar.
6. Ask them to play the blues.
7. Listen intently, taking in each note,
subtle shift,
and raw expression of sorrow.
8. Keep listening until the first warm and salty tear



down your cheek.
9. Punch the stranger in the face.
10. You lose.
(Does that make you feel


April 23, Shipping Game

Short Games

1. Sink your teeth into a treasured chest.
2. Listen to a beaten heart.
3. Leak professional help.
4. List, the way a ship does.
5. Set sail and engage in nocturnal cabotage.
6. Surround yourself with liquid assets.
7. Turn and turn and turn and call yourself eddy.
8. Gain XP relevant to this encounter.

April 9, Arresting Game

Short Games

1. Freeze.
2. Keep your hands where I can see them
3. Get down on your knees.
4. Read me your rights (make them up as you go along).
5. Handcuff me and take away all my weapons.
6. Give me a ride to the central station.
7. Pretend you’re a convicted felon they let go
because they liked your smile.
8. Pretend I’m your shadow.
9. Shine a light in my face to make me go away.
10. Listen for further instructions
when you go to sleep.
I’ll make sure you get them despite yourself.

March 28, Butterfly Game

Short Games

1. Move a bit to the left.
2. Avoid the car crash next to you.
3. Go home while the city starts to burn around you.
4. Call your loved ones
and listen as you fail to connect.
5. Turn on the news.
6. Watch
and meteor showers
unfurl over, split open, roll along,
drown out, surge, devastate
in full HD.
7. Move a bit to the left.


March 13, Shame Game

Short Games

1. Push someone off a cliff.
2. Listen to them fall.
3. Look at them.
4. Make sure everyone hears about what has happened.
5. Make sure everyone knows how you feel about it.
6. Ask everyone else if they’re alright.
7. Don’t listen to their answers.
8. Check if anyone knows how you,
as an event organizer,
are supposed to deal with this.
9. Check if you’re allowed to go to the funeral.
10. Lose one 1d4 Humanity. Permanently.