June 4, Dating Game

Short Games

1. Take yourself out.
2. Treat yourself to a dinner and a movie.
3. Walk yourself home.
4. Stand in front of the mirror.
5. Lean in for the kiss.
6. Stop at the last second and back off
7. Go to bed alone.
8. Cry yourself to sleep.
9. Send a text to yourself saying:
Last night was great, but I don’t think this will work out.
10. Score yourself based on what you text back.

May 23, Mortal Game

Short Games

1. Consider all the ways you can fuck up
(take time away from work to do this, if you need to).
2. Toss and turn during the night.
3. Twist and shout during the day.
4. Hyperventilate into air ducts.
5. Tell all of your mirrors that
it will never ever work.
6. Do it anyway.
7. Fail or succeed and see if I care.
That’s not what counts, honestly.

Just live, will you?

May 22, Obsolescence Game

Short Games

1. Look at the sky and whisper:
I don’t see race.
2. Look at the coffee cup and say:
I don’t care what god you believe in.
3. Stare at the face in the mirror and shout:
Only lazy people fail!
If you just work hard,
you’ll get what you want!
4. Bury your face in the pillow and sob:
Men and women are simply not the same,
but also super similar and stuff!
5. Pet a dog and admit:
Everyone is a unique
and valuable individual,

each contributing to society
in their own way,
according to their ability.
6. Collect your unemployment and chirp:
There’s nothing technology can’t fix!
7. Die.

April 19, Alternate Game

Short Games

1. Stand in front of a mirror.
2. Take a long hard look at yourself.
3. Make a sudden, subtle gesture.
4. Make a sudden, violent gesture.
5. Close your eyes.
6. Reach out and turn the mirror around.
7. Peek over the mirror.
8a. IF:
someone is peeking back from the other side,
copy their movements forever.
8b. ELSE:
say “Ha!
That’s what I thought…”,
walk away,
and never mention this to anyone ever.
9. Add the specialization “LOOKING GLASS”
to your LORE skill.

March 31, Honey Game

Short Games

1. Drip from the ceiling for at least a day
(never mind who put you there,
or what their reasons were).
2. Stick to the floor, bed, carpets, walls, and mirrors
for as long as possible.
3. Remove the apartment from your body and leave.
4. Get on a bus, or a train, or an airplane, or a time machine
(whichever is closest).
6. Play a crucial part in every major revolution
of the 21st, 48th, or 2nd century.
7. Forget how to speak if you really need to.
8. Fly a plane into me whenever you’re ready.
9. Achievement unlocked: Loss Flight.

March 26, Multidimensional Game

Short Games

1. Stand in front of a mirror for an hour.
2. Say: ”Hello”
3. Laugh and say: ”Oh, yes. May I?”
4. Turn around.
5. Reach back with both your hands
and let them touch the mirror
at the exact same time.
6. If the mirror opens up,
keep going.
7. If the mirror opens up,
I’m happy for you.
8. If the mirror opens up,
there’s no use giving you more instructions.
9. If the mirror opens up,
you’ve won.

March 24, Rhythm Game

Short Games

1. Bang your head against the wall.
2. Slap yourself in the face.
3. Stub your toe on the table.
4. Hit your knee on the fence.
5. Bump your shoulder against a stranger’s shoulder.
6. Headbutt a mirror.
7. Punch your favorite thigh over and over.
8. Record it all and put it online.
9. Wait for the money to come rolling in.
10. Add: “Crazed” OR “Injured” to your own conditions.

January 25, Burning Game

Short Games

1. Don’t tell anyone that you’re about to play this game.
2. Take a picture of yourself.
3. Gather all of your belongings into a pile.
4. Set fire to all of it.
5. Watch until the pile has been reduced to ashes.
6. Spend a year scattering those ashes in front of
corner stores,
used car dealerships,
home improvement stores,
fast food restaurants,
news paper stands,
art galleries,
my home.
7. Find yourself staring at your own reflection in a shop window.
8. Ask a stranger to take your picture.
9. Come see me and we’ll talk.

January 12, Midnight Game

Short Games

10. Defend your position until backup arrives.
9.  Get out before the smoke kills you.
8. Disarm the bomb and save the day.
7. Get to the next checkpoint.
6. Kill your mirror image from the past before it kills you.
5. Collect as many coins as you can. You will need them in the afterlife.
4. Answer the question.
3. Start panicking.
2. Don’t let go.
1.  Wave goodbye.