May 16, Sonnet Game

Short Games

1. Compare me to a summer’s day.
2. Compare me to a roundhouse kick.
3. Compare me to the buds of may.
4. Compare me to a guy called Mick.
(who’s more lovely?)
(who’s more temperate?)
5. Keep your comparisons to yourself.
6. Keep playing with your magic wand.
7. Pretend that I’m your sexy elf.
8. Pretend that you are my Mithlond.
9. Score me just based on our first glance.
10. Score yourself based on performance.

May 7, Close Game

Short Games
1. Spend a year on the road.
2. Send pictures of yourself
to radio stations.
3. Collect grass from different continents,
picked at different times of the day.
4. Grow taller.
5. Learn how to play at being brave.
6. Spend a month’s salary
on a pair of sunglasses.
7. Send a letter to a stranger you think
has a wonderful smile.
8. Stare into the sun.
9. Remember where you came from.
10. Score yourself based on
how far you are from turning back.

April 29, Sampling Game

Short Games

1. Cordon off the time and space surrounding you .
2. Call it HERE and NOW (forever).
3. Write a story about time and space behind you.
4. Call it THEN and THERE.
5. Read your story out loud.
in the general direction of the THEN and THERE.
that’s racing toward you.
6. Stop right as all your THENs and THEREs.
collide with your HERE and NOW.
7. Sample any note that lingers in the air
immediately after the explosion
and use it to make a song.
8. Play the song for no one.
9. Score yourself
and your former selves
and your future selves
based on their opinions
about each other
at any given moment.

April 15, Proprioceptive Game

Short Games

1. Walk down a train platform during rush hour.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Don’t bump into anyone.
4. Raise your score every time you walk past someone without bumping into them.
5. Upon reaching the end of the platform, compare your score to the amount of steps you took while walking down the platform.
6. Meditate on the relationship between these two numbers for as many years as you see fit.
7. As you get close to death, return to the platform.
8. Play again and compare your two scores to declare one of your selves the winner.

January 15, Time Travel Game

Short Games

1. Draw a small amount of blood from your chest.
2. Keep it safe from bad spirits and worse weather.
3. Bring it to a place where you used to play as a child.
4. Pick one spot there to act as future and one to act as past.
5. Stand in silence between these spots for at least 20 minutes.
6. On the count of three, run back and forth between the two spots.
7. Every time you reach the past or the future, sprinkle some blood on it.
8. Tell the police it’s for an art project.