June 10, Coffee Game

Short Games

1. Make yourself a pot of strong, black coffee.
2. Drink it as it is, all at once,
burning yourself horribly in the process.
3. Struggle to make the emergency call,
what with a swollen and bleeding tongue and all.
4. Pass out.
Dear god, just pass out.
5. Wake up.
6. Tell your doctor that you feel better.
That you’re not tired any more.
7. Go home and quickly punch every inch
of every wall
at least once.
8. Mark it as a success, whatever ”it” is.

May 12, Blues Game

Short Games

1. Invite a stranger for hard liquor and fistfights.
2. Ask them whether or not they know the blues.
3. Fight and drink all night.
4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aalmost kiss.
5. Bleeding from mouth, eyebrow, and knuckles,
present them with a vintage steel-string guitar.
6. Ask them to play the blues.
7. Listen intently, taking in each note,
subtle shift,
and raw expression of sorrow.
8. Keep listening until the first warm and salty tear



down your cheek.
9. Punch the stranger in the face.
10. You lose.
(Does that make you feel


April 30, Cyborg Game

Short Games

1. Reboot the central server.
2. Reboot the portable CPU.
3. Do a malware sweep.
4. Calibrate your physical interface.
5. Venture out into the unknown,
the unseen,
the shared hallucinations
and viral images.
6. Brute-force the unsecured connections,
the encrypted messages,
the cloud-stored data.
7. Go back to wherever you came from.
8. Punch a hole through the tape running in your chest.
9. Watch the world slow down.
10. Look at the geese flying through the hospital room.




O    O

April 12, Guv Game

Short Games

1. Work yourself to the point of absolute exhaustion.
2. Keep pushing.
3. Keep pushing.
4. Keep pushing.
5. Stop showing up for work.
6. Start calling yourself “the Governor”.
7a. IF
…any random asshole has the goddamn gall to fucking ask “governor of what?”
tell the dipshit: “governor of this”
and punch their fucking teeth out their ugly facehole..
7b. ELSE
…initiate a staring contest
with the next shitbucket of an idiot you meet
who is also taller than you are.
8. Hate yourself.
9. Die alone.
10. Level up.

March 24, Rhythm Game

Short Games

1. Bang your head against the wall.
2. Slap yourself in the face.
3. Stub your toe on the table.
4. Hit your knee on the fence.
5. Bump your shoulder against a stranger’s shoulder.
6. Headbutt a mirror.
7. Punch your favorite thigh over and over.
8. Record it all and put it online.
9. Wait for the money to come rolling in.
10. Add: “Crazed” OR “Injured” to your own conditions.

March 3, Bliss Game

Short Games

1. Slap your right thigh and laugh.
2. Slap you left thigh and laugh.
3. Slap your belly and laugh.
4. Slap your chest and laugh.
5. Slap your face and laugh.
6. Slap your face harder and laugh.
7. Slap your face and laugh harder.
8. Punch your throat and laugh.
9. Smile, smile, smile!
10. Raise your CHARISMA stat.

January 22, Taxi Game

Short Games

1. Talk to a friendly local cab driver.
2. Have this person punch you in the stomach.
3. Have this person shove you to the ground.
4. Have this person kick you while you’re down.
5. Have this person drive you to the ER.
6. Tell this person to keep the change and ask if they enjoyed playing this game.

IF this person did enjoy it: add this contact to your list of future allies.
ELSE: start over once you get out of the hospital.