June 28, Hijacker Game

Short Games

1. Become an airline pilot.
2. In the middle of a flight, use the P.A. system to say:

“This is the captain speaking. This is the captain speaking. I have assumed control of this plane. As of this moment you may consider yourselves hijacked. I will now state my demands: I have no demands. Having hijacked this flight successfully, I will now proceed to navigate it toward our previously stated final destination. Have a nice flight.”

3. Score yourself based on the amount of police officers who are later going to ask you to “…please, explain this to me one more time.”

Introducing: Throwback First Day!


This is not a game.

That’s the best way to start a game, but it’s actually true for this text. I just want to pop in and tell you all that I’m making the first day of every month a day when, instead of a new game, I publish one of my favorite short games from before I started this site. I call it… Throwback First Day! Clever, huh? I think so.

So, stay tuned for the first Throwback First Day, and get ready to think back to how young and innocent we all were when those games were published. Not at all like now, when we’re all bitter, yet hopelessly romantic, cynics crawling across thin ice looking for something to rest our aching bodies on. Right? That can’t just be me, can it?