June 24, Basement Game

Short Games

1. Write the name of an acquaintance on a post-it.
2. REPEAT step 1 until exhausted.
3. Decorate your walls with spirals drawn in dirt, blood, or invisible ink.
4. Place the post-its randomly on a wall.
5. Draw arrows between some of the post-its.
6. Keep a fluorescent light on until it starts flickering.
7. Throw darts at some of the post-its.
8. Laugh to yourself and record it to play back later.
9. Score yourself based on whether or not you go on to become a serial killer.

June 23, Details Game

Short Games

1. Drag the back of your hand
along a smooth surface.
2. Put your face half-way under water.
3. Picture a soft and small animal.
4. Sit in the middle of a burning building.
5. Throw a word against the steepest part of mountain
until it shatters.
6. Drag the palm of your hand
across someone’s face.
7. Tell me your name
and write it on your sheet where it says
“Character Name”.

May 29, Rotten Game

Short Games

1. Spend a summer naked,
living on a pedestal.
2. Dodge rotten tomatoes.
3. Dodge rotten eggs.
4. Dodge cabbage, carrots and kale.
5. Stop throwing rotten food at yourself.
You look like an idiot.
6. Write a bestseller about
your experiences living naked on a pedestal.
7. Change occupational status from
”escaped mental patient”
”self-employed entrepreneur.”

May 18, Quixotic Game

Short Games

1. Stop your whining.
2. Go downtown.
3. Make a scene at your cable provider’s office.
4. Throw a pie in your landlord’s face.
5. Start fights with the government.
6. Spend four days coming up with a name for your awesome ride.
7. Keep it all up until the wheels come off.
8. Keep going without wheels.
9. Give your ride a proper burial and then abandon it.
10. Go back home, recover, die. Simple as that.

May 9, Lerner Game

Short Games
1. Make poetry famous.
2. Burn your initials into the sun.
3. Read poetry
from the middle of a burning building,
standing in the fast lane of the freeway
falling from the top of the Empire State Building.
4. Be Richard Speck,
rather than Gary Snyder.
5. Ride a rocketship to hell,
rather than a Volvo to Bolinas.
6. Sell arms to the Martians,
rather than wait sullenly for a letter from some deceased clown with a three-piece mind, telling you that you’ve won a bulletproof pair of rose-colored glasses for your poem ”Autumn in the Spring”.
7. Be hated by everyone
who teaches for a living.
8. Read your poetry and watch people
get headaches, vomit, weep, scream, disappear, start bleeding,
eat their television sets,
beat each other to death with swords,
and go out and get riotously drunk
on someone else’s money
9. Do not bury poetry
or dandle it on your knee like a retarded child
with beautiful eyes.
Instead, blow it up
or throw it off a cliff into icy seas
and see if the the motherfucker
can swim for its life.
10. Buy one of those beautiful
switchblade knives.