May 23, Mortal Game

Short Games

1. Consider all the ways you can fuck up
(take time away from work to do this, if you need to).
2. Toss and turn during the night.
3. Twist and shout during the day.
4. Hyperventilate into air ducts.
5. Tell all of your mirrors that
it will never ever work.
6. Do it anyway.
7. Fail or succeed and see if I care.
That’s not what counts, honestly.

Just live, will you?

April 23, Shipping Game

Short Games

1. Sink your teeth into a treasured chest.
2. Listen to a beaten heart.
3. Leak professional help.
4. List, the way a ship does.
5. Set sail and engage in nocturnal cabotage.
6. Surround yourself with liquid assets.
7. Turn and turn and turn and call yourself eddy.
8. Gain XP relevant to this encounter.

April 19, Alternate Game

Short Games

1. Stand in front of a mirror.
2. Take a long hard look at yourself.
3. Make a sudden, subtle gesture.
4. Make a sudden, violent gesture.
5. Close your eyes.
6. Reach out and turn the mirror around.
7. Peek over the mirror.
8a. IF:
someone is peeking back from the other side,
copy their movements forever.
8b. ELSE:
say “Ha!
That’s what I thought…”,
walk away,
and never mention this to anyone ever.
9. Add the specialization “LOOKING GLASS”
to your LORE skill.